I've been an attorney since 2002, however before going to law school I was a photographer. My love for photography never waned so I split my time between two callings. 

My photography career started back in the dark ages of film and all manual cameras. In 1983, while in high school I worked in a color lab developing film and printing custom enlargements. A year later I started a photography business that grew to one of Louisville's largest portrait and wedding studios. I also did quite a bit of commercial photography for some of Louisville's largest companies. I was very active in professional organizations and was President of the Professional Photographers of Greater Louisville from 1992-1994. I received my "Certified Professional Photographer" designation from the Professional Photographers of America in 1992 and was one of only eight in Kentucky at the time. By the late 90s it was clear that the future of photography was in digital imaging and I was so disappointed in the early quality that I sold my business and went back to school.

I graduated from UofLs Brandeis School of Law in 2002, following the example of my Grandfather Orie Kelm who graduated in the 1920s and practiced as an attorney for many years. During my legal career I have mainly represented health care and financial organizations both in house and working for law firms. Now my practice is oriented toward helping individuals and small businesses. 

During the past few years the quality of digital photography has vastly improved and I have embraced the possibilities the new technology offers. Now I'm back to photography and splitting time with my legal career. While my legal work comes first, I'm doing as much photography as time allows.


Because of my dual careers, I really like doing legal work for other photographers and photography for other attorneys. If I can help you with either legal services or photography, please call.  




My Preston Highway studio circa 1992

Louisville, Kentucky
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